Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What Wonderful Webs We Weave

Who knows how (or even if) it'll ever end, but they're great friends, who make great pie together too.

The night after Ron was here for dinner Teri said "Well, he is a pagan and I'm a Catholic."

"You're not a very good Catholic though, Teri," I pointed out.

"Yeah, and he's a Democrat and I'm a Republican," she said.

"But you're not a very good Republican either, Teri. You have way too many gay friends," I said.

"He likes Macs. I like PCs," she said.

"You stick to your guns girl. DO NOT give in on that!" I said.

Sometimes things just sort of click.

Last spring, Teri came out to see Nora, and we stopped by my brother Jeff's house.

Teri has a big house.

Jeff has a big house.

Jeff has big house art.

Teri needs big house art.

Jeff has big house artist named Ron.

Teri needed to meet big house artist named Ron.

What's weird is that it hit me like a thunderbolt: Teri might also LIKE Ron.

You know THAT way.

So, it didn't take long to throw those two into a mutual e-mail, and they talked...and talked...and talked.

Ron traveled with Jeff this summer, and into the wee hours they talked on Facebook.

And before I knew it, Teri was inviting herself back to Oregon under the auspices of wanting to see ME again, but we all knew better.

So the artist and the one who needs art for her walls are now more then pen pals from the internet.

Jeff says it's "my fault"...but I say "It's to my credit!"

And Teri's house is going to have the piece of art it needs, since Ron's painting something for her.

How cool is that?

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