Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Lot of What's Going On Around Here...

It's amazing to me how quickly things have changed around here. I took this picture on my phone from a week or two ago when she wasn't quite so mobile. Now, I swear if I took her to the same park, she'd be off and running, leaving me in the dust!

I adore the fact that Nora loves her Daddy. I mean LOVES LOVES LOVES her Daddy.

I told Brian I read up the other day that when little girls turn 3 or so, they go through this Daddy adulation phase.

We're apparently hitting that mark early on this milestone too, he said.

Yes we are.
Today as Brian got ready for his work week, she parked herself at the front door, often on her tip-toes, looking for her papa.

Nora's been quite a busy little girl, as you can imagine. No longer letting grass grow under her, this Girl is ON THE MOVE.

And here she is, showing off the fact that she's growing teeth. LOTS of teeth. You can see her well-grown lower two, but above is one front tooth, and another one next to it. Another front tooth is on the way.

She should be chawing on steak by the end of the week!

"Sticky Fingers Nora" has decided that running around the house with a remote control in her hands gives her a certain amount of -- well -- control over her life.

She frequently is seen picking up remote controls and moving from room to room with them. It makes TV watching for Brian and me very challenging to say the least!

This one just shows how TALL she is. Well, that and how bad of an aim she is at feeding herself.

Actually one of her favorite things to do is to feed herself as much of her meals as she can. She's discovered turkey breast, cheese, fig newtons, peaches -- you name it -- she'll eat it if it's cut into bite-size pieces.


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