Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Heinous Halloween!

My friend Teri, God Love Her...

Teri called me a little over a week ago to inform me that she had found a Halloween costume for my kid.
"What is it?" I asked, of course curious....

"I can't tell you," she said. "You're going to hate it!" (said with a little too much glee in her voice).

It's pink. It's a French Poodle.

I realize a large amount of pink is going to be in our lives because that's what 99 percent of girl baby clothes are made of, so a certain amount of resistance is futile, I know.

But a pink poodle?

It's funny. It's hilarious perhaps.

But let's face it: It's just awful!


Melody said... cute!

Audrey said...

Awwww!!! When I had my first girl...I said NO matter how hard I tried to not put pink on her, the more she grew to want and love pink. Her room is bubblegum pink now. So go with pink now so they despise it later!

Amelia's Mom said...

I think it would be hilarious to put a dog, say a Jack Russell Terrier, in this costume for Halloween!

Gatxan said...

jejeje! At least is fun and cute!

Jules, I was away while you were put on rest in the hospital. Although I'm sure it is a bit hard, I'm happy to know you and your girl are fine, holding on. Just sending you my best thoughts.

Teri said...

Jules - it just isn't right that she'll have to be a RED CRAYON all her life.

I can see it now. Size 3 month RED CRAYON, size 1 year RED CRAYON, etc., Size 6 - 8 CRAYON BOX with only primary colors.

Indulge me who will be praying for her to wear it for 500 miles across Spain. (Nice touch don't you think?)

Teri said...

PS - I appear to be ahead in the polls.

Jules said...

1) I have no idea where you got the crayon idea, but I'd be willing to try all the colors in a 64 Box of Crayolas.

2) The French Poodle idea would make a lot more sense if you were marching your camino across France

3) I suspect you're ahead because people I don't even know are posting their positive responses. I suspect Republican a dirty tricks campaign.


Thanks for the laughs!

Sheri said...

I hate pink but my daughter loves it. Every skeet shooting, fish catching, tool box loving ounce of her adores pink. It can't be helped. It's the curse of the girl. Go with the flow Jules.... I'm betting your girl will love pink at some time or another.

Anonymous said...

I think your friend has great taste. It is the loveliest costume I've ever laid eyes on. I think you're making a mistake not to honor her and praise her choice. She obviously admires you and your daughter immensely to have given herself in such a way.

An admirer

Jules said...

Methinks Anonymous Poster, aka "an admirer" is a Kissass. :)

Anonymous said...

It's just me, Dwidget, chiming-in.... I think I've seen Teri in something like this (and, no... neither leather or leash or collar were involved; shame on you! But I digress.). Knowing that, it's understandable the pink poodle-suit would come from her. I have less a problem with a little girl in a pink poodle suit than I do with referring to her as 'baby Merlot.' Isn't 'Chardonnay' or even 'Zinfandel' at least a little more feminine-sounding? But I've double-digressed. Mebbe it was a bunny suit Teri wore... I abstain from the vote. At least they don't make sardine or anchovy suits. Or do they?

Anonymous said...

Oh La La

Pleeeese bring the pretty puppy home. Finally, a friend for meee. Eeeet eees so much beeeter than those keeeties of yours.

Signed Lucy, the dog

Anonymous said...

I think the poodle is much better than that black tank you call a dog that sniffs our butts. Please, by all means bring home the pink!

Kitten Hopper and Jack, the cats.

Paul and Andrea said...

I guess now is as good a time to come out as any. I'm a lurker, I tripped across your blog by way of my long ago membership in Sistas. I saw this post, then a few minutes later as I was surfing the other blogs I read regularly, I saw a child wearing this EXACT costume. How bizarre that I would encounter both the same day? Here is the link to that blog:

DIana said...

If you dress baby in that adorable pink poodle costume, think of all the yummy candy people will give to you. Baby can't eat it. Mama will have to do the non-wasteful thing, and eat it!

Take care, Jules. We're pulling for an eight-pound newborn!


MissHelen said...

Oh dear LORD!! Jules, I'm with you...AAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Also, I really like the idea of dressing a Jack Russell Terrier in this thing for Halloween.

Still sending healthy baby and mama vibes your way...


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