Thursday, September 25, 2008

And In Case We Needed Proof

The OTHER side of the family (not mine), has a penchant --er -- reputation, for messing with the animals.

It's hard to capture on my digital cameras how many times in the past few weeks as Nora has learned to walk -- how many times her laugh has turned a tad bit maniacal -- and then turned towards the poor cats.

You see, the M. side of the family has this thing. It's about torturing pets. You know, in a good way.

They don't set them on fire, they don't do anything bad per se, really? They just mess with them.

A lot.

Nora gets this little "huh.huh.huh" laugh/pant that comes out of her as she realizes one of the pets is close.

The other day, she got Jack to sit still long enough for her not only to catch his twitching tail, but for her to put it in her mouth and chomp down on it.

You know, before he got that real surprised look on his face and ran away for a couple of days.

So here is a picture of her finding the Kitten Hopper, sitting still, minding his own business. And she's in search of...his tail.

So in case we needed any further proof that I was just a "carrier" or a "host" for the M. family genes...we got it.

Right here.

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