Friday, September 26, 2008

Nora Doesn't Know It Yet, But She Got Spoiled Today!

First the Boots.

And the jacket.

Nora has officially been born into the Northwest where rubber boots and a jacket aren't just an accessory, they are necessary.

Seriously though: Aren't these boots adorable?

The jacket will have to wait to show til I get it on her. I can't wait to drag that poor kid out into the rain!

Both of these presents were from Nora's Aunt Julia, who we saw today for lunch and shopping. She's Julie M. the First (I go by Julie M. II in most family correspondence), and when I was in the hospital waiting for Nora to be born, Julia and Gary's house was Ground Zero for family coming and going to see me...she did laundry for me on a regular basis, and now that she's got two grown boys/men, she LOVES spoiling her little girl nieces!

We had lunch at an undisclosed location, because I'm embarrassed to admit that I wanted to eat there. But it starts with an A, and is mentioned in Taladega Nights, so do your research...

Nora ate her first "Kids meal" and I thought the grilled cheese sandwich would go to waste, but DANG, that kid packed it in! She loves her cheese!

Then we went to my nephew Trevor's old school, where they had a Baby Sale to End All Baby Sales...and Julia watched Nora while I pulled some clothes for her.

I found a Columbia jacket for her with the tags still on, and a number of fleece pullovers. I'd just gone through her winter clothes and found her seriously lacking in cold-weather stuff, so it was fantastic to get all that stuff!

PLUS, Aunt Julia had Nora in the "toy row" which I could hear Nora completely freaking out and having fun. She was shrieking with joy, and saying "HI!" to every baby she came into contact with...this row of toys was so long, Nora was practically out of her head...when I told Julia "This must be like "Baby Vegas" to her with all these blinking lights and toys! She was on total baby overload!

So, we headed out...Aunt Julia bought everything for Nora that I picked out -- THANK YOU Aunt Julia! -- and we headed to their house, where she got to see Uncle Gary for a while and run free before sticking her in the car and heading home.

Miss Nora has no idea how much she got spoiled today, but I sure appreciate it!

Thanks Julia!

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