Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bad Wife & Mommy Phone Pix

Today I realized that I haven't exactly been living up to my promise to Brian (who's out traveling a lot this week) that I would post pictures of his kid every night so he could see her while he's gone.

Pass me the Bad Wife Award for not living up to THAT promise.

So here's Nora's picture smiling. She's kinda hard to nail down these days. I get a lot of action shots (namely blurry ones with her charging the camera, or running away from it).

And here's what happens when it's dinner time for the cats, dinner time for Nora, and I leave the gate open. Miss Nora decides that cat food isn't nearly as bad as no food at all...

I haven't been able to bring myself to try it because I'm pretty sure it's disgusting.

Although she doesn't seem to care. Because this isn't her first sampling of the food either.

No, pass me the Bad Mommy Award for not putting down the camera and stopping her!

And in other news...I went to my first class last night -- it's a Chemistry class with a nice prof, lots of pre-nursing majors like me, and I'm glad I studied as much as I did. I hope I can keep up, because the days get really short when I realize that my time to study is pretty much contained to the couple of hours when Nora might be napping, or in the evenings when I'm dog tired and just want to sleep.

I'll tell you now, this "single mom" thing I do without Brian around makes me have lots of respect for the real single moms out there that do this all the time.

That's about it from here...

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