Thursday, September 25, 2008

Somewhere There's a Picture...(M)

This first picture serves a dual purpose...first of all THE TEETH!

Nora cut her second front tooth this week, after a few days of "galloping crud" as my Dad would have so eloquently put it (she had the runs), along with a low grade fever.

She's finally not drooling QUITE so much and seems much happier these past couple of days. (Click on the picture itself and you'll get a close-up view of that mouth full of future orthodontia work to be done!)

The other thing that's so neat is the jammies she's wearing.

Somewhere, hopefully not too deep in the archives of Jeff & Judy's house, is a picture of one of their girls wearing the exact same pair of jammies that Nora's wearing in this picture.

As you can see, I had to stretch the neck to get it over the kid's large-size melon, and it's a little short...but nonetheless, she's sleeping in this Oma Special tonight!
Aunt Sarah, Uncle Peter and Cousin Odette brought a bunch of cool things to wear, including this relic from the early 1990s that Oma made for Hannah (now 17 years old) and it was passed on to Miriam (now 13) and Odette (now 8).

The neat thing about the trickle-down clothing is that the memories often trickle down with it. I remember at least two of the three kids wearing this outfit. I sure hope we can find a picture to compare to!

I was over at J&J's house the other day and we were just talking about how much Nora LOOKS like Hannah but has more of Miriam's sunny baby disposition.

Yeah, poor kid. She's gorgeous and smart like both her cousins. Well, as far as we know.

Only time will tell for sure, huh?

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