Monday, September 22, 2008

On The Mend...

Poor Nora seemed to have caught a virus.

The day of her birthday party, she had the runs a bit, but otherwise didn't seem too bad off. A little cranky, maybe, but she wasn't running a fever.

Then yesterday morning she woke up and was really out of it. She laid in my arms for over an hour while we waited for Daddy to come home from Walgreens with a thermometer that didn't involve holding her down and trying to poke something in her already sore butt for an accurate reading.

When he got home, the first thermometer read everything from 99.9 to 104.7 and 105.3!

We decided to get a new thermometer.

Brian went to the store and exchanged it for a new/better one, and she was around 101.5, ON Tylenol.

As soon as that wore off, she went up to 103.5, and last night when I checked her and gave her a diaper change, she was at 102.5.

Motrin seems to help the best. This morning she woke up ok, and has only been around 99.5 without the Motrin, which is good by comparison.

Man, it sucks when she's sick. The poor thing just sits in my lap and fusses quietly. Then when the Motrin kicks in she does ok.

Poor kiddo!

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