Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Days Have to Be a "Do-Over"

What a day.

Yesterday was Nora's birthday, and true to form, I expected a great day, and it sorta turned into a bust.

It started out with her waking up on the wrong side of the crib...Sometimes, not often, Miss N wakes up grouchy, and she's WAY too young to just feed her what makes me happy in the morning...which is basically an IV of pure caffeine.

We got out the door to a playdate with Sullivan and his Mom. She made us birthday muffins (I scarfed three), and we watched as our kids played, including this very sweet hug from Sully, which was met with my daughter accosting Sully several times by grabbing his clothes, and ripping his binkie out of his mouth and walking away with it.

So the morning went fine, but the afternoon quickly deteriorated into a refusal to nap, a bunch of hysterical toddler-like anger that I thought would be at least a year or two away, and then Bestema came and saved the day just by showing up.

Since Nora was in such a bad mood, we decided to postpone our outing, and Mom babysat Nora for a bit so I could go order her birthday cake at Costco and get a few

Thank goodness last night went better, and that this morning and afternoon were more like how I imagined her birthday would be.

Nora woke up in a great mood, and after my 72 minutes on the phone with Qwest straightening out yet ANOTHER bad bill, Bestema, Nora and I headed out for the carousel and lunch/brunch at a local cafe.

After that we got a two hour nap out of Nora, and off we went to Safeway to do our grocery shopping for her birthday party on Saturday.

Lots of family is coming into town, so we're very excited to celebrate Nora's first birthday!!

Sorry for the boring post, but that's been our last couple of days!

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