Sunday, September 07, 2008

Nora's First Year Pictures

Today was a big day...we took Nora to the portrait studio to get our pictures taken, and boy, was that fun.

Courtney the photographer asked if I could get her to stand on the X on the white vinyl background.

"Sure," I said.

Well, that nanosecond went by REALLY fast.

Getting Nora to stand still, sit still, be still, for the half hour photo shoot took the work of four adults.

Here's a slide show of the pictures of her. The whale outfit (in blue) is a special one "Aunt" Tammy sent me, which her Bug wore when she was small. The other light green/blue dresses and flip flops were an Aunt Jill special.

As we waited for the pictures to get worked on, we saw another girl there with her family, and Nora stood right next to her, and they were equal in height. THEIR kid was 20 months old, and Nora's 11 1/2!


Anyway, here's a few of the pictures. We'll be getting some hard copies and the disk with the permission to publish, so they're legally ours. When we print some we'll get some out to those of you we know IRL.

I think the cake pictures are just priceless!

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