Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Number One That Made Me Cry

We're getting our professional pictures done tomorrow, since we're within a couple of weeks of Nora's after pulling out a couple of her cute outfits, I realized we didn't have anything to really match or complement her outfit.

Brian and I aren't dress-up people, so his shirts and ties and my one dress hanging in the closet would feel too forced.

We briefly discussed wearing our Obama shirts, since that's the closest thing we have to matching.


So I went to Target and found a polo shirt for Brian and a top for me that would go with her outfits.

While I was at Target, a gal from the studio called to confirm the appointment, and she suggested I bring along a cake or cupcake for Nora to dig into at the end.

Well, of course I have to do THAT. It's so cliche' and yet so cute!

So I headed to Target's party section and what?

No "1" candles!

After leaving that store, I went to Roths.

No "1" candles!

Finally I poked around behind the counter at the bakery and found this "1".

And a 4-inch tall chocolate cake all decorated perfectly for our day tomorrow.

As I drove home, I just caught myself with a little tear, as I realized my girl is going to be ONE!

No longer a baby. A toddler. Getting all grown up.

You're so proud to see them grow and yet you wish they could stay small a little longer.

Bittersweet? Sure.

But mostly sweet.

Here she comes world. If you think Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with...look OUT!

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