Monday, September 08, 2008

The Newness...

Today Dude. Today I got a Dell.

It's slick.

It has 320 gigs of storage. 4 gigs of RAM alone (my last computer had 512 MB -- YAWN!) and some other lightning fast stuff on it.

I shopped around at Costco like Jeff said, looked at Best Buy, looked at other places, and finally drove down to the store to do the look/touch.
I found a Dell Studio laptop (the T8100) and was quickly sold on its size/speed for the price.

Then came the fun part!

I paid for it (it had to be ordered from a warehouse and would take a week)...then a week later the WRONG ONE they offered me the floor model, but they'd have to restore the settings.


Several hours later the Geek Squad couldn't restore the thing, and I just said "GET ME A NEW ONE."

So they did...From Bend, Oregon's three days later, I FINALLY have my new 'puter.

I love it.

It's fast.

And I paid tuition for my Chemistry class and bought my books, so we're ready to go!

It's SO hard to believe I'm going back to school! But I looked at my Chem book and it looks like fun. So something has to be right about this!

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