Friday, September 05, 2008

300 Pounds of Love

We went to the zoo today, and just as we entered, we found out the new baby (not yet named) could be seen from 10-3 p.m., or til it fell asleep.

So we waited in line for more than half an hour, chatting with the gal behind us who's from Chicago and liked my ObamaMama shirt I had on...Finally we got in to see our new little addition to the zoo.

He had a rough start, since I heard the day he was born his Mom stepped on him. But he's obviously enjoying the care and love of his Mommy, as she covered him in straw, nursed him, and they obviously had lots of cuddle time.

The new little guy is so very cute, and I was surprised at how SMALL he was. Then I asked how much he weighed (thinking maybe 200 lbs.) and they said he was 303 pounds this morning! Compared to his 7000 pound mama, that's tiny!

Welcome, little guy!

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