Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Official. I Hate Barney

Yes, we're talking about that insipid purple dinosaur.

I don't have the TV on all day, but if Nora's up and the TV's on, I try to make it Sprout TV, which is all PBS Kids shows.

The shows are usually pretty good, although I'm very disappointed that they no longer show Teletubbies (which Nora LOVES, and I can stand) in exchange for an extra edition of Zooboomafoo, an animal show with a couple of "brothers" who wear short shorts, and I'm sure are not brothers at all.

I was telling Brian last night that when I've wandered off of Sprout TV to check out Dora & Diego or some Disney show, I find that the shows aren't horrible, but the ads are HORRENDOUS!

"Buy, buy, you're fat," Brian said.


Sprinkled with McDonald's ads.

Which makes it more like "Buy, eat, buy, you're fat."

So I stay with Sprout TV.

But Barney is really starting to grate on my last nerve. The singing and the attempt to create children's Utopia makes me wonder if Barney is really as evil as my friend Dave once said. He actually taught his two-year-old to say "Barney is a big purple Satan."

I used to think that was sort of sick.

Funny, but sick.

But now I'm afraid I'm well on my way to doing the same thing.

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