Saturday, September 27, 2008


Mindi and Schane' sent this insanely smart train station toy for Nora's birthday...

I have unwrapped all the "parts" that come with it, but at this point Nora doesn't even need them!

This train station has a train that goes around, and as it hits each letter on the track, it tells you what the letter is, what sound it makes AND what things stand for (like "A" is for "Apple").
PLUS the toy has a screen the lights up, AND it has all these toys and parts that you can put down on various parts of the station, and it can tell (based on the bottom grooves) WHAT the item is...

So if you put a giraffe down on a certain part, it says "I'm a giraffe".

Since giraffe's don't make noises, it doesn't say anything else, but the polar bear, the lion, and other animals sure do.

Nora is obsessed with toys that make noise these days. She LOVES this thing, and every morning she wakes up, walks out to the living room where I have it set up, and she sits on the tracks (inadvertently) and makes the thing talk and blink on the screen, and I can hear her squeal with delight.

It's so amazing to me to see how she loves increasingly complex toys. Even though this one is "over her head" in that she doesn't get the alphabet theme yet, she just LOVES the songs and interaction that these toys give her. When I sing along, she looks at me like I must be the MOST brilliant person in the world to know the song!

Thank you Aunt Mindi and cousin Schane!!! Nora loves your gift!

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