Monday, July 14, 2008

You Might As Well Look At THIS Picture

I'm a total failure these days at getting shots of Nora's mouth, which is usually hanging open and awash in drool.

I joked with my nephew John the other day that Nora was drooling her baby weight on a daily basis.

You see, she's cut a second tooth. As of today, I can officially see it without looking too hard. Yesterday you really had to have a suspended moment in time when she would be: a) still; and b) holding her mouth open without shoving her tongue out at me; which is apparently a reflex in a child whose parent is trying to look in their mouth to see if there are any teeth sprouting.

So if you click on the top picture picture, back up a bit, and squint real good, you should be able to see two white patches where her bottom two teeth are.

That's the best I can do.

And here's one of her stuck in the couch. It was really cute till I tried to get her out. She sank a foot in there pretty good.

No harm though. She's fine. Really.

I just can't believe those clown feet (size 4!) were really THIS small once:

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