Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kisses At The Carousel

There are times when I wonder what goes through Nora's head when those eyes get so big as they did today.

It was a normal morning, up around 7:30, breakfast, a few Teletubbies, and BAM!

She's in the car, headed to Starbucks, and has NO idea that a ride on a good old-fashioned carousel awaits.

I just wonder how she just might be sitting around thinking "Oh great, another boring day with my books, toys and Mommy", and suddenly she's on the back of a brightly colored horse, with a mirror, lights, music, and then the turning! And the UPs and DOWNs!

Nora's eyes got really big...and she enjoyed it for a couple of turns, then decided it was a bit too risky, and wanted to hang on to me Koala Bear Style.

My friend Patti (in the picture taking a picture of us) brought her son Sullivan with her, who's TWO, and really mostly not that enamored with Nora as she is with him.

It is amazing to me to watch Nora be so fascinated with him. She just grinned and grinned at him while they were in the strollers.

But while we were waiting in line for the carousel, Patti said something about a kiss, and Sully just bent on over and laid a big ol' wet one on her.

It was SO cute!

I guess I can't catch EVERYTHING on camera, but dang, that would have been a good one!

(Sorry, Louis, Nora's got a new boyfriend! LOL)

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