Thursday, July 24, 2008

Channeling Oma!

It's like peering into the past. Or is it the future?

Oma, Nora's Grandma, sent me a copy of her baby picture from when I saw it this weekend and couldn't get over the likeness of Nora and her.

Isn't it amazing?

We see so many grandparents in her. I see a little of my Dad in Nora's smile, the sparkle of the evil grin he had...

But the shape of the head, her beautiful eyes and ears, that cueball blondeness that looks like baldness...That's all the Swedish search-and-ignore others' genes from the Oma side.

My sister-in-law Julia who has some Hispanic roots, had blue-eyed baby boys with Brian's brother David. She said after being asked in the mall with her son Geoff "if she was the nanny", and when she said no, that "surely he must be adopted."

No, No, No.

Like Julia said. "Sometimes I think we were just "the host."

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Anonymous said...

Ok....WHoa! Are those seriously NOT Nora? Are some of Nora and some of Oma?




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