Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look At Me Go!

The race is on!

Last weekend when Brian took Nora over to Judy and Jeff's house, Mom said how she LOVES to walk (with help) but she isn't quite cruising the furniture yet.

But this past week (literally 7 days since they left last Thursday), Nora's gone from a very few seconds of standing on her own to ROUTINELY letting go of me or furniture, and standing on her own with a VERY proud look on her face for several seconds at a time!

She stood for about 5 seconds for me today and longer tonight for Brian before sitting down. She's getting much bolder and starting to cruise around on the furniture.

She's 10 months old tomorrow! Yikes!

Here's a little cruiser video if you want to see her move...

1 comment:

Teri said...

She's got to be one tuckered chica at the end of the day....I'm tired watching her go! Maybe she'll hold out until Auntie Teri get's back....ya think?


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