Thursday, July 17, 2008

Actual Conversations With My Sister Jill

If you run into my sister Jill, go ahead and give her a thwack on the head for me.

And don't do it to me and say it's because I look so much like her you couldn't tell. It's pretty easy to tell us apart because she's markedly thinner and usually a lot more tan then I am. If she has any color to her skin, chances are she's Jill, not me, so thwack away.

Why, you ask?

Last week, she went with her son Erik on a "mission" trip to the Yakima Valley, where she promptly got a terrible cold, but Jill being Jill, she didn't slow down, and instead proceeded to work in 90-degree heat. OK, kudos to her for being such a trooper.

I talked to her a couple of days ago, and it's been 10 days since she got the cold, and she sounds like hell, and said she's coughing all sorts of gunk up.

ME: "Well, as along as it's not GREEN, you'll probably be ok."
JILL: "It is green."
ME: "You should probably get into a doctor then. Not to hit the panic button, here, but it could be pneumonia."
JILL: "I don't feel that bad."
ME: "Yeah, I think that's why they call it WALKING PNEUMONIA."

OK, so the next day, I call her again, and THIS conversation takes place:

ME: "How you feeling?"
JILL: "Much better today."
ME: "So you're not going to the doctor?"
JILL: "No, I was at a meeting where there was a doctor, and I was coughing the whole time and he didn't say anything."

ME: "Mmmmkay. What kind of doctor was it? Like our brother Jeff's a doctor? (He's got a Ph.D. in Sociology)
JILL: "No, he's a doctor who knows a lot of stuff. You know, like Armin."
ME: "Armin's an Ophthalmologist."
JILL: "No, this one's a preterm baby specialist."
ME: "Well that makes it all better then. I am SO blogging this conversation."
JILL: "Oh no! Please don't!"
ME: "Too late!"



Anonymous said...

You ARE evil incarnate. If you didn’t belong to my adorable niece, I’d cut you off. BTW I think I’ll be better enough we could have dinner as you drove through Tacoma on Sunday!??!! -- e-mail from my sister.

2curlygirlz said...

That was wayyyyy to funny! I shouldn't have read it at 1:50am because I think I just woke up my roommate! I can totally hear that conversation between you guys. LOL!


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