Monday, July 21, 2008

Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jeremy

Hi. This is Nora.

My parents took me a LOT of places this weekend, including getting to see my Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jeremy at their house in Bellingham.

I love my Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Stephanie.

Jeremy is quite a clown. He was playing around a lot while they were taking pictures and stuff.

Someday I'm going to be big enough to balance a chair on my nose too.

We got to see their house and play in the yard a lot. We weren't there for long, but we sure had fun!

Look at my Aunt Stephanie. Isn't she pretty? She has red hair, so my cousins call her "Red". I hope my hair is that pretty when I grow up.

Aunt Stephanie showed me a lot of stuff, including this lady bug! It was so neat to watch it move around. Eventually it flew away.

Then she shared her YUMMY YUMMY ice cream sandwich with me. I tried to get as much of it as I could! Ice cream is cold, but it's sweet, so it's worth it!

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