Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Phone Pix

I have to post a few of my favorite pictures taken on my phone this past week or two! This one is of Nora this morning...pulling herself up on the gate that keeps her away from both bathrooms, the cat box, the cat food, and our non-baby-proofed room.

Here's Nora with her Daddy -- in her "ducky" outfit that she's pretty much outgrown. I love stuff with the yellow ducks on them. For some reason it's just extra cute baby stuff.

This one is of Barb and Nora from this weekend. It was so neat to have Barb & Wendi visit!

And here's one of Deb and me at the Coast. A beautiful day. My best friend from high school. Yummy lunch. A perfect afternoon!


G M said...

Isn't it cool to have these cameras in our phones now?! I wish mine took pics as nice as yours!

Oh, and love the gate pic. Baby jail?!! (Out or in?!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey I dig your hair in the pic with Deb. Of course.. who else would I be talking about. Nora is as bald as Louis was at that age! Anyway..You make me want to go upstairs and chop some locks. I better show restraint. That didn't go to well last time.



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