Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'll Try To Take This The Right Way. Repeat.

It's official.

I'm OLD.

I took my daughter Nora to the pool today, and we swam and swam and had a grand time.

And on the way out I got the question every over-40 Mom has prepared herself for, or should:

"She's darling. Is that your granddaughter?"



"She's my daughter. Thanks."

The lady said "Well, it just looked like you were enjoying her SO MUCH!"

That a Mom can't enjoy her kid as much as a Grandma? That's what she was saying?


Well, I could have been nicer. But I just said "Well, I lost four babies before I had her, so maybe I just look like I appreciate it more."

And off we rolled.

Some people!


MissHelen said...

Some people indeed!
You handled that right.

YA said...

say whaaaa! wow some people....Geesh...

Anonymous said...


The only people I could see asking you that are those ones that had babies when they were 14 and grandkids when they were 28-30. joke.

No offense, but you're not Grandma material just yet. You (and Nora) got a ways to go girl.


Anonymous said...

Just reminded me of a funny story-when I was about 6 months pregnant with 4th baby girl we were sit ting at a desk a salesman in his home-his wife comes in and offers the other girls if they wanted some icecream. As she walked out with them, she asked them if they were having a good time with grandma and grandpa. I was shocked to say the least-and looked at my hubby and said "she'll be really suprised when I stand up, huh?" Her husband (the salesman) hollered to her-"hon, Grandma's pregnant."


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