Friday, July 11, 2008

Just a Bunch of Pictures!

Nora and I had a great day today. Brian had to work at home this morning, then was out this afternoon, so we decided to get our weekly shopping done.

Nora's dress she's wearing here (sorry it isn't clearer) is SO cute. Her Aunt Jill gave her this dress, and as long as she isn't trying to crawl around (like when she sits in a grocery cart) she doesn't trip over it. I just LOVE dresses like this on her. It's just adorable. She got lots of compliments on it today.

Thank you Aunt Jill!
And she's got this thing about stealing my glasses right off my face. She's sort of obsessed with taking my glasses off, and it doesn't matter where she is. At home, in the swimming pool.

She hasn't dropped my glasses to the bottom of Olinger pool yet, but hey. It's just a matter of time, right?

So I decided one day to just throw them on her for a second, and she got a good laugh out of that.

And with the sun blazing, I found a pair of sunglasses for Nora to wear outside which help a bit. I don't even know where these came from, maybe in a box of clothes from friends -- but they are handy, and if I wait to put them on when she's in the sun -- she "gets it" that they help her eyes and actually leaves them on!

We went to Goodwill today to look for a few toys at the suggestion of my friend Patti. We lucked out and found this table and chair, Nora-sized, and ADJUSTABLE for as she grows! If you look in the middle you can see a big "screw" that you can twist the table top and the seat chair and raise/lower the whole set.

All for $14.95!

It's got a little wear and tear on the painted tabletop, but I have a feeling Nora not only won't care, but will add to the damage herself!

And the best thing besides having a new play surface for her, was seeing how STABLE the thing is. Nora pulls herself up on everything right now, and this thing is rock solid!

Nora's smile just gets me sometimes...There are times like in this picture where I can see that little face and get a glimpse of how she's going to look years from now!

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