Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DARN! My Racist Neighbor is GONE!

For those of you just joining in -- I had an "incident" with my neighbor across the street, who decided to take down and toss my OBAMA sign into the bushes. When I asked her if she did it (she was seen doing it by my Mom and niece who happened to be driving up to my house) she said yes! When I asked WHY, she said "Because you're a nigger lover".


So I reported it to the police (in case she was going to start burning crosses in my yard), and told her if it went missing again, that the cops would be on her door looking for it.

This was several weeks ago -- I'd say around Memorial Day weekend. My response had to be very careful in the coming days and weeks. Because as Obama says, "We need to keep this a positive campaign." Which I took to mean, don't resort to name-calling anywhere except your blog, and definitely, absolutely, mess with their heads and be nice to the racist idiots!

So in the past few weeks, I was SO enjoying messing with her! She had such a normal schedule, (she'd leave at 8:30 and be back at 5:30 M-F) I'd often take Nora outside and sit on the front porch when she was on her way home, and make sure to wave at her if we saw her. I dindn't do this daily, because I'm not a complete psycho!

I was having SO much fun watching her purse her lips and get all pissed that I was being NICE AND using my baby as a human shield!

July 4 weekend I saw her drive away with her car full of stuff, and it looked like she was just going on vacation (no moving van). Well, the past couple of weeks she hasn't been back, but I figured her piece of crap car just died or something. Then last night her boyfriend/brother/friend came over and moved her big living room furniture out.

And just like that, my entertainment is GONE.

I'm sad, only for her next neighbors, but the load is a bit lighter on my end of the street!

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2curlygirlz said...

She just didn't know how to react with such nice neighbors. You should have invited her to church..


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