Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Staying Cool With Bestema & Miriam

This is Nora, and I have to say that I have it pretty good around here.

My Bestema and my cousin Miriam came over to my house today. I LOVE it when family comes over.

Miriam is the coolest. She just holds me and plays with me and rolls her eyes at pretty much everything Mommy says. I would too if I knew how, but she's 13. So she knows a lot of stuff I don't.

My Mommy, Bestema and Miriam and I all went to Target, and Mommy found a new swimming pool for me for $9.99. She says this pool won't survive the summer, so she wanted it to be CHEAP. Mommy and Miriam blew it up in the living room.

See how I'm standing up like this? I can't let go yet, but I can get in there and try to help blow up the pool.
Mommy put me in my special Swimming Pampers. Then Miriam lowered me into the pool.

For the record, it was COLD. Mommy cracked some joke about my "Nads freezing off" and boy was she more right than she realized!

But I had fun anyway.

I played in the pool a lot. I love my sunglasses now that my head is big enough to keep them on. It keeps the sun out of my eyes. I don't like the sun in my eyes.
At one point all three of them were taking my picture. It really is silly, all this fuss they make over me.

But I like it. It's fun.
I mean, what's not fun about a hot summer day with lots of family around and a brand new plastic smelly swimming pool?
Afterwards they changed me back into my regular diapers and I got a few extra hugs and all dried off before Miriam and Bestema left me for the day.

I sure love them. Thanks for coming over you guys!

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YA said...

And what a little start she is Jules no wonder everyone want to take a photo of her


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