Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phone Pictures!

Nora and I went to the library this morning, since her books were due...and we stumbled upon story time, which starts with lots of kids with jingle bells and songs and dancing. She was fascinated with it all!

She met a little girl near her age named Anna. They pretty much worked on putting their fingers in each other's eyes, and smiling a lot.

We hope to run into her again!

We have a couple of new obsessions. One is the Teletubbies. The TV now has to go on at 9 a.m., and off at 9:30, or she'll watch it all, but nothing quite brings out the giggles like the kid in the sunshine, and the opening introduction of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po!

(This Mommy is horrified she knows the names of all four Teletubbies).

If she can be on her feet, she is. She stands alone, loves to cruise the furniture, and is doing everything except walking. She gets so excited when I coax her to, she takes a Frankenstein-step towards me and falls right into me.

There's nothing quite like that grin! She knows what she's SUPPOSED to be doing. It's just a matter of time!

Nora needs new dishes and spoons, right now this is the only one that won't slide out from under her, and I need to get her a couple more spoons, but she LOVES trying out new things. Everything is a mess these days, and today we're going to get a vinyl table cloth thing to put under her chair so she can eat in the dining room.

Someone shoot me for putting brand new carpet in the dining room. DOH!
And while we're getting into new things, Nora's figured out the computer keyboard. She has one with the cord cut off to play with on the floor, but she likes mine BETTER! Here she is reaching into the keyboard tray so she can type just like Mommy!


John said...

haha she's such a dork!

how could you let her like tellitubbies??? lol

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...Tele Tubbies. 30 minutes to clean oatmeal off the chairs and windowsill, finish my cold eggs and limp Cheerios, and maybe...load the dishwasher. Maybe...well...maybe during tomorrows Tele Tubbies Love it!



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