Monday, July 21, 2008

Look At MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Nora's been able to stand a few seconds at a time for a couple of weeks now, but these past few days, she's started cruising the furniture, and if she's not too tired, she'll stand on her own and even try to take a step!
This morning I stood her up withe the phone cocked and loaded to take a picture...It's SO hard to get a picture of her standing because she gets so excited, she lunges for me, and of course falls right down. But today we got these shots, and you can just see the pride in her face!

Mom said she didn't think Nora is going to be walking before she gets home from Costa Rica on Saturday...I think the race is on!

GOooooooooo Nora!

1 comment:

2curlygirlz said...

I'll put up a wager that says Miss Nora will win!


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