Monday, July 14, 2008

A List of Things That Annoy My Husband About Me

I had a friend ask this question -- "What annoys your DH (Dear Husband) about YOU?" And I started off thinking I could EASILY come up with 10. I mean, I am, after all, annoying on some level I'm sure, and being that DH has known me for nearly 24 years, he's had puh-lenty of time to rack up a list.

These are the some that I'm fairly sure are on his list. But who knows, his top 10 could look totally different.

1) I give him no end of grief about his parking strategerie. He drives around and instead of parking in the closest and first available one, he gets all strategic about trying to find a place that will put the car in the shade based on how long we'll be in there and where the sun is, the curvature of the earth, etc. I not only point the ridiculousness of this crazy strategerie, and he hates it. But I seem unable to quit.

2) I don't put my shoes away. Although now that Nora's sucking on all of my shoes, I'm getting much better at it.

3) I seem to need to talk to him whenever he's in the bathroom, but not nearly as much when he's out.

4) I hog the blankets, but I say he does it more. The fact that I can't/won't admit it is some basic character flaw of mine. It's genetic. My family is known for being right. Not all the time, and not about all the big stuff, but A LOT.

5) I drive "overly confidently" as he says it. But since I have the cleaner record, he has to admit (his words) "If I had your record, I'd drive like you too."

6) I refuse to tell him the truth about how much I weigh. I make him tell me how much he weighs, then I tell him I weigh less. In my defense, asking me how much I weigh is like asking a Grandma in a nursing home old she is. It's rude, and irrelevant. He, however, seems to think he has a right to this information.

7) I like to hold the remote. More than my share. I don't know why he lets me, but he's a bigger man than I am. That's for sure.

8) I will drink milk for a week after its date. This is one of those funny things he puts his foot down about. The day it expires, if he sees it, it goes down the drain.

9) I don't tolerate tardiness. I think it's the height of rudeness to be late for anything. Especially these days with cell phones, text messaging. There's really no excuse. Brian soon learned that if he's three hours late, Jules starts calling hospitals. I don't think he liked that.

10) Well, we have to leave a blank this is it. Brian if you read this, I love you. And I know this list could get a LOT longer!

Those are the ones that come to mind...I'll stop now.


Teri said...

10. You move the recycle/trash.

Anonymous said...

Silly, silly!! But funny, too!

The date on milk is the shelf date for the grocery store only!! My dad was in the milk selling business, so we got the lecture on these dates like All The Time! Plus- even after milk goes sour, you can still bake with it!! Like I said, All The Time. But really, not even I keep sour milk!!
That date means they have to take it off the grocery shelf on that day!!


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