Monday, July 28, 2008

The Clean Girl Doesn't Start Out That Way...

This morning I cleaned both bathrooms, and realized that I was scrubbing up cookie slime that had stuck to the floor.

We have a new bedtime ritual around here, and it starts at dinner time, when she eats her cookies and is covered head to toe in Cookie Slime.

Then of course, it's time for a very quick, unceremonious stripping and dump into the bath tub, which Nora just loves.

It used to be that she'd just sit there and suck on a washcloth, or play with the faucet.

But recently, bath time has turned into an all-out splashfest. It's so much fun to watch her have a good time in the tub!

Here's a quick video that I think is clean enough that no "parts" can be seen so I don't think I'm violating YouTube's terms of use! LOL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Standing in the tub already... she is SO mobile.... you are going to have a *ball* with her!! :)


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