Saturday, September 22, 2007

We'll be a little scarce for a while...but don't worry!

Nora's doing great -- may go home in 4-5 days, and has graduated to a regular crib in the "big kids" section of the NICU where we aren't watched closely. Today is "Bath day" so she ought to really love that -- NOT. My child is VERY content with letting you know when a severe injustice is being done to her -- like say -- her temperature being taken, or her diaper changed. I can hardly wait to see how she responds when her tiny little butt hits water. LOL

She's eating well, but not every shift so that's why she's still there...needs to eat enough to gain weight and not have to tube feed her anything, and she's not there yet...she did bottom out on her weight at 4 lbs. 5 oz on Wednesday, and this morning she was 4 lbs 8 oz, so she is gaining.

I'm tired, but fine...we're in guest housing across the street from the hospital, but it's hard to do much else in between feedings and pumpings, and of course me trying to get some food and sleep. What a joke sleep is. LOL. We're managing though. Brian and I are so in LOVE with her, and it's absolutely the best thing to watch him and hear him talk about how beautiful HIS daughter is.

It's the weekend so we've had lots of visitors and more coming to see our girl. Brian's folks came down yesterday with Aunt Sarah and Cousin Odette, and it was wonderful to see all four of them!

I'll be in and out because wi-fi here bites in the guest housing. Hmmm, maybe it's the massive power station next door that's frying the signal. I had Brian bring it over from there so I could post this.

If we're scarce on posts, don't panic. Our girl is doing FANTASTICALLY!

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