Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Here We Go Again!

We're doing ok this morning. I had another bleed overnight (why this always strikes at 3:30-5 a.m. I don't know) but I knew I would because I had several irregular but strong contractions yesterday, and our girl was kicking me so much and so hard yesterday I was certain she was knocking stuff loose.

So weird that it's the 5th night since the last one, and here we go again. Even the doctor is impressed with the fact that I called it yesterday and boom -- there it happened again.

So in the middle of the night I got an IV drip that made me stay awake for over an hour because I had to hold my hand "just so" so the IV would work (the saline lock/port is old and will be changed today). I also got some drugs to stop the contractions, and then I slept until breakfast got here.

I am less than thrilled with Army Nurse this morning. Every time I asked about something she forgets or challenges me. Like Brian said after she left "maybe she should read the instruction sheet she has before she comes in." Since all nurses have notes on each of us.

We're both doing fine, the baby as usual seems completely unaffected, which is very good. Dr. P says our new goal is to get her to 34 weeks, so I have new sights to set on. He said we would talk after 34 weeks about when we would deliver, since it sounds like the max they'll let me go is between 35-36 weeks to avoid the possibility of me going into labor on my own (which is bad with a previa).

Last night I had a funny dream. I dreamed I had a 10 lb BOY, and I kept asking if they were sure he was mine, because they told me all along I was going to have a girl, and before everyone got a phone call with bad information, I just wanted to make sure. He was very cute and I was surprised that he was so fat & smiley and he looked like us, but somehow I didn't have a C-section even though I still had a previa. LOL

Brian just got home at 10 p.m. last night from a weekend in Denver with the boys, so that was nice to have him back. He's taking the day off to be with me since we're supposed to have an ultrasound sometime today to check our girl's growth!

And maybe I'll have them do one more gender check just to make sure there really aren't any "twig and berries" in there.

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