Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is Someone Growing Something Green In My Basement?

We got a bill from Xcel Energy for $7,986.22 today.

When I opened the eBill, I just about crapped a Twinkie.

According to the power company, we used 99,860 KILOWATTS of power last month in a house we're not living in.

This is enough to power 80 houses for a month.

I called the kind folks at Xcel, and the gal laughed along with me.

A guy is going out to review the new electrical panel and the meter reading.

Hopefully a tad bit more reasonable bill will come to us next week!

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Lauren said...


This reminds me of my water bill that said my dog and I had used four times more water than we did the quarter when there were four adults living in my house! LOL

They sent out a new meter reader and, miraculously, the bill went away completely and they owed me a refund! Apparently, the reader had been submitting bogus readings for over a year! I had a pre-paid water account for nearly 6 months.

I was sorry to read about last night's bleeding... I hope Miss Kicky stays put a while longer.

Huge Hugs,



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