Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nora's Third Day

This will have to be short and sweet...but Nora made great strides in nursing today! Here she is with nurse Linda and me. She was doing most of the work, but boy am I proud of her!

Here Nora is doing her favorite thing -- Kangaroo Cuddling with her Mommy! Skin-to-skin, she hears my heartbeat and calms down so quickly, it's just amazing. We get a few hours a day like this, and we both wish it could be longer, but she has to spend some time just sleeping and getting her bellirubin taken care of (she's under the blue lights for that for a couple of days).

Here Nora is laying quietly with her eyes open, checking out the world while cuddling with her Mommy! She is so precious to us, and this kind of cuddle time couldn't be bought for all the money in the world.



YA said...

You are right she is so precious. I loved those skin to skin moments but lil O would get to comfy and forget to breathe at times, a little rub on the back at times would remind him to.

You did it Jules, I am so PROUD of you all.

Kathy said...

She's beautiful Jules. You look so happy:-) Enjoy every second of these first days with her.


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