Friday, September 28, 2007

Today is THE DAY! We're going HOME with NORA TODAY!!

I get all choked up thinking about it...I just got to the NICU at 6:30 for a quick check-in, and she ate like a horse while I slept last night. She also passed her hearing test.

I love watching her sleep. She makes these little noises and right now seems like she just might wake up so she's making those cute baby grunty noises...I just can't WAIT to enjoy her at home!

My girl is coming home!

(Repeat to self over and over, but not out loud so people think I'm crazy.)


blessedjourney said...

Congrats Mommy & Daddy!, what a special moment for you all..

love your updates and lil Miss Nora is precious!

tims_mom said...

I'm so excited for you! Enjoy all the little noises. Relish in the lack of sleep. Enjoy your new family!!

Momma Monster said...

Wooo hoo! Congratulations Jules, Brian and Nora. I am so very very very (repeat a large number of times) happy for you all. Remember, I'm close enough if you need something! Help, a friendly shoulder, an order of shrimp alfredo....... ((((HUGS)))))

Paul and Andrea said...

Why do you insist on making random people on the internet cry? What a wonderful post. What a happy day. You made this random girl cry on her space bar.

Anonymous said...

Nora is so beautiful, precious, & blessed, thank you God for the gift of children & for blessing Julie and Brian with one of your children. May God be with you all.


MissHelen said...


Audrey said...

Yay!!! Now the real fun begins! Enjoy the little blessings she gives you day to day.


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