Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lovin' That Zombie Feeling

It is SO great to have Nora at home!

After a few adjustments, we learned that she needs an extra blanket on her, and she's started guzzling her food. After three diapers with just water and no poops, I began to fear what would happen when she finally did go poop -- and I was right on.

That diaper blowout at midnight was fantastic to say the least!

At the hospital, when I was right at her bedside where I had a recliner, it was almost impossible to sleep for more than a nap in it. Now that she's home, I can sleep in the bed next to her, or when she was fussing, I bring her to the middle of our bed, where I lay a hand on her and feel her breathe as she sleeps.
She may look peaceful in still photos like this one, but I have discovered that she makes a lot of grunts, coos, and general eh-eh noises as she sleeps...I learned to put in ear plugs if I want to sleep so I don't wake to every sound...just the bigger ones.

My girl feels beefy at 5 lbs. now...but then I see her in her Daddy's hands, and she looks spectacularly small.

I overslept my 3 a.m. date with the breast pump, and I slept a very special four hours in a row when Brian fed and changed her at 2. Up until I felt like a complete zombie, and know it will go on like this for weeks, and probably feel worse.

But then we're not the type of parents you'll ever hear complain about it. At least not for long, and not very loudly.

We're just happy to have her home!

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susan said...

Hey girl friend.....that Zombie feeling my be part of your life for a long while. We're STILL getting up for midnight feeds and our little guy is 11 months old! They are actually my most special nursing times....although sometimes I let Dad do it instead...You know....I want him to have those special times too! And I get to sleep 4 hours in a row!!

Welcome home! Isn't it grand? Your own bed has never seemed more comfortable than when you haven't been in it for a long while!



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