Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Got Back from NICU:

I can't believe how wonderful my little girl is. Wowie.

I got to hold her for an hour, and she's doing so well we took the CPAP off and her hat too to see how she did without it. They won't take it off permanently yet -- they figure maybe even tomorrow, but she did wonderfully!
Brian and I got some time alone when the family left, and we marveled at our girl...she even OPENED HER EYES and just gazed and gazed at both of us as we spoke to her.

We are so in love. Brian isn't even sleeping in the room with me tonight. He's going to be in the NICU with her. I guess I have some competition for his heart! :)

Here's our pics from our visit. Check out my daughter...whose full name is now Nora Rachel M.!


MissHelen said...

You look so over-the-moon happy in that picture Jules. :)
Congratulations again, and many hugs to you all.

Gatxan said...

What a little beautiful girl!

Sheri said...

Over the moon happy describes the look on your face so well!!

Many congratuylations to you and welcome Nora!!

Paul and Andrea said...

Wow, she is beautiful. Congratulations many times over. You have waited a long time for this.

tims_mom said...

Those are pictures of what true miracles really are. She's a beauty, a joy, and she's all yours.

Congratulations again, my far away friend.


Teri said...

She´s beautiful. Her name is wonderful! You´re beautiful too. I´m so happy for you three. And yes, I just grabbed the guy next to me in the Internet Cafe and made him look. It´s OK he´s been walking with me for two days! Congratulations!!!!!!

MeesheMama said...

Hooray!! I'm so happy for you. Welcome, Nora. You can't begin to imagine how thrilled you've made your parents. Great job, Jules!

Audrey said...

She is precious beyond words! Congratulations again! Prayers she continues to do so well!


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