Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quick Pic

We had a great day today...Nora ate more from the bottle, kept working on breast feeding, and just seemed to get even cuter.

I didn't realize that being born and all would make her so puffy looking, but today her features are standing out more, and I can see some similarities with me too!

I'm too exhausted to type, so it's nap time for me as well, but I couldn't go to bed without sharing a favorite picture of the day. There's nothing quite like being The One that calms our girl down!


tims_mom said...

She sure is adorable! My favorite tip to pass along...take a monthly picture of her (like the 17th of every month), you will be amazed at all the changes.

I'm just so over the moon happy for you guys!


annie said...

Oh, she's so freaking cute!!
Get your rest momma! Any word on when you (and Nora) are coming home? ~hugs~


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