Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Performance Pooping

Brian worked today, so my Mom and I hung out with Nora today. I also got quite a bit of sleep this afternoon, which was REALLY nice and very much needed.

Nora is eating like a champ! We had to gavage (tube feed) only one part of one bottle today, and tonight at 6 p.m feeding, she downed 40 cc's of formula in 5 MINUTES FLAT! At this rate, she will probably go home this weekend!

Last night we had a really really GREEN nurse DH and I call "newbie" privately...and then today we had the opposite -- a super bossy nurse who talked to me as if I needed instructions like I just had her yesterday and had never fed or diapered her before. It is funny how quickly I've gotten to know how Nora likes to be held, the best position for burping & eating, etc.

Well, we left her to the nurse at 3 today so I could sleep and when I got back the nurse said "you're right about how she burps so easily!" and then she said Nora loaded up a diaper BIG TIME...and I was so proud of her! I whispered into her ear "Way to go pooping for the nurse down to your socks, girlfriend!"

Tee hee.

Then later, Bestema (my Mom, who's called "Grandma" in Danish, pronounced Best-Ma) held her and boom, she pooped for her too. Unfortunately, I was hooked up to the breast pump so it was Bestema's job to take care of that diaper! That's my girl, pooping for other people, so I didn't have to clean it up today. HA

Mom and I so enjoyed spending the day with her. Mom just LOVES holding her new baby granddaughter!


Anonymous said...

Sigh....such bliss!!


ShielaLee said...

Have I mentioned how very happy I am for you and your family? Probably, huh? Enjoy every second of her!


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