Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bulby Baby Booger Things.

I will no longer mock that baby booger bulb thing that comes among the baby supplies.

Brian and Mom left to go pick up his truck today, leaving me alone with Nora for the first time. We had just finished feeding, and I decided to sit with her "kangaroo style" where she is stripped down to her Pampers, I take my shirt off, and we recline with her sitting on my chest, skin-to-skin.

Babies just LOVE this...they fall asleep almost immediately, since they can hear their mother's heartbeat, and it's an instant soother for both of us.

We have never had any trouble with this before, but with no one around, of course that was the time to start spewing milk out of nearly every orifice in her head. Apparently the big belch she gave me after her meal wasn't enough, and she had some more that needed to come up.

I don't even want to know how milk got in Nora's hair on the back of her head, with no discernible trail from the front.

The nurse had shown me how to use it once before, but in my panic, of course the poor child did not get the benefit of a professional booger sucker.

I squeezed the thing right into her face, for starters. Nora of course reacted with what you'd expect -- a rather shocked expression followed by a look that said "What ARE you doing???", then cries, and more kicking than ever.

These bulby baby booger things are too big for her nose...her little teensy nostrils aren't more than an eighth of an inch across, but I did manage to get her still long enough to suck the milk out of both of them. Then I got another syringe and got what was left of the milk out of her cheeks.

We finally settled down to our kangaroo pose, and she slept well. I didn't, because every little "eh eh" noise she made, made me think she was choking again.

But she survived it. And she survived me.

Something tells me this won't be the last time, either.


susan said...

Oh Man... the booger getter. We've been using one all week and Louis looks terrified, curls his hands up around his face, and turns away from us when we come at him with it. We sign a little Booger song, let him play with it, chew on it, etc....but when it comes right down to it.....having stuff sucked out of your orifice! You did great Julie. You got what you needed to get. There is no easy or pleasant way to get the goods out of those tiny passages!

You go girl!


MsGini said...

That term is probably something you can Google, right?!! What else would you call it! Oh, and if you got 3 of them at your shower that's about right. One for upstairs, one for down and one for the diaper bag! You did great Jules! She wasn't going to enjoy it and giggle whether you were professional about it or not!

Sara C. said...

we call it the snoogie sucker. You can get a preemie size's light green.

Good job, being brave enough to use it. You're such a good mommy.

Tammy said...

Ah yes... the bulby thing. I can't imagine getting that in a teeny tiny preemie nose. FWIW, you did great. We still use it on the BoogerKing Si and he still screams and wonders why I'm doing it. OTOH, he loves getting his fingernails cut. Just wait til you get to use the "ittybittynailthingy".

ShielaLee said...

"with no discernible trail from the front" Dh and I both ROFLOL at that - only b/c, well, BTDT! Happy initiation day.

BTW, we refer to it as "The booger getter outer".

Sheri said...

we just called it the old booger sucker. Hannah hated it. Absulutely hated it but one time she was real stuffed up and she toddled over to the changing table and brought it to me and said "Booger suck mama". too funny

You did great! and you are so correct..... it wont be the last time!

MissHelen said...

I always wondered what that thing was I know.
Sounds like you're doing just fine Jules! Carry on, and I'll be cheering for you over here with a cat on my lap.


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