Sunday, September 02, 2007

Right Next Door

Patient privacy laws being what they are, I shouldn't even know what I do know.

But several days back I was told on the sly that there's a girl in the hospital who's 19 years old, only 26 weeks pregnant with twins, and not taking her bedrest very seriously.

She thinks it's "fun" that she can call a nurse to bring her whatever she wants, and wants to be off her monitoring schedule so she can sneak out for a cigarette.

This knowledge only came from a nurse who was comparing me too someone else, in that I am, I guess, a "low maintenance" patient because I'm taking this bedrest thing seriously, and I'm not punching the nurse call button as if I'm calling the concierge for room service.

I don't know her name, I don't even know which room she's in but I imagine her on the other side of one of my walls, and wonder what it will take for her to wake up and realize what a gift she has growing within.

It always amazes me how some people have such an incredible gift they don't even realize they have. How the pain of losing a baby can make one go from so blissfully ignorant to deeply respectful of what a miracle new life is.

I sure hope she gets it.


Tammy said...

You know me... I don't cuss much... but this is one of those things that royally well... you know... I don't understand it either, but I suppose the naivete of youth (which can be good in the right situations) and less experience with loss (again could be a blessing) are at work here. I pray her babies are safe...

gailpet said...

UGH -- that is just horrible. Having gone through losses myself and knowing how hard it was to even get pg, I just can't imagine. But I know that it happens. I just pray the babies will be ok, now and after they are born, and are taken care of. UGH again...

blessedjourney said...

I have to admit.. I was one of those young moms who never knew the true gift and how I was blessed to carry a 15 years later and a hulla of a lot of experience I see how immature I was.. you are right.. hope she wakes up and sees the gift!

When i was 16 and given birth to my daughter a couple in the same room changed me.. they had lost 3 babies and wanted one so bad.. and here I was 16, and pregnant.. life so does not make sense..

but now here in my 30's it took 3 years and alot of IVF to get pregnant..


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