Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nora's First Video

Click on the title of this post and it'll take you to Nora's first video appearance. She's got the hiccups! :)


Sara C. said...

I LOVE that. Her whole body moves.

Thank you for sharing your little girl.

Meyer Family said...

Who would have thought that the hiccups could be so cute! She really is so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing all these great photos and the video.

Gatxan said...

Oh! so cute!

milestogo said...

A star is born. What a sweet baby and such a special time for you and your family. Thank you for lettins be a part of you happiness.

Timestep said...

Who thought that I could have so much fun watching someone else's baby with the hiccups and cry and think it was the most wonderful thing and watch to watch it again.

I also love watching Nora sitting on a pillow on Brian's lap. DH used to hold Sarah that way. I can't tell you how many naps she took on a pillow (and how many pictures I have).

I loved watching Brian just stroke her head.

(and I love the picture with your mom!)

alissa mcmaken roberts said...

Julie and Brian-
I am so excited that your next step on this amazing journey has begun, and that everyone is doing well. Congratulations to you both, and of course baby Nora!
-Nurse Alissa

Angela said...

I am so glad she is such a Rock Star! I can't wait to get to squeeze her one day. I miss you, Angela


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