Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shhhhhhhhhh. Wanna Know A Secret?

My husband Brian rarely if ever reads my blog.

He really should start, but hey, you can't make him, right?

Today a lot of my family is coming over to the hospital to do an impromptu baby shower. Brian wasn't sure if he should stick around or if this was one of those "girl things" he should make himself scarce for a few hours.

Well, there will be lots of manfolk around. We Democrats like to get all egalitarian about showers and stuff. Mostly because -- at least in my opinion -- if there's going to be a chance of a game involving clothes pins or plastic babies frozen in ice, then I shouldn't have to go through it alone, and men should share equally in the general misery.

Now, I know today it won't be THAT kind of overdone perky shower that makes people like me want to barf...

But the real reason I want Brian there is because I bought him a present, and he's going to freak out. In a good way.

You see, he has never had a new camera that someone else hasn't used before it was given to him. He was all primed to get my Sony 3.2 MP camera when I dropped it too hard, and it only shot in hues of blue.

Last Christmas, he bought me a beautiful new Kodak Easyshare with 7.2 MP, but he got bupkus for a new camera.

He's even said several times "I have never had a new camera, I always get hand-me-downs."

Us poor middle kids. We always have something that we've never gotten new.

Then the other day when I asked him to take a picture, his 2.0 Sony that I bought back in like 2002 came out. Heck, I don't even know where the card reader is for that camera anymore, not to mention the fact that the pictures come out looking like garbage compared to what new cameras can do today.

So, I got him this lovely Kodak at 50% off on Amazon and had it speed shipped so it would be here today. It's small like he likes them, but with 6.0 MP, and a 1 gig card.

He's going to be in heaven.

And he gets to do it while shooting brand new pictures of his DAUGHTER as early as next week or the week after.

That just makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jules! Good planning for Brian! He'll love it- I got my first digital in Feb. and I am having so much fun! And I don't even have a baby to photo! But I have gotten so into it- that I am actually jealous of those with babies now b/c of all the Wonderful photographic possibilities with babies and kids!! Have fun!!

Oh-make sure you post the picture of Brian's surprise when he opens up the big surprise!!
All best!!

MissHelen said...

This makes me smile too...Brian will be over-the-moon thrilled. :)
Happy Shower!


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