Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nine Months

Look who's 9 months old today!

Thursday we take her to her 9 month appointment, which I'm very excited about because she doesn't have to have any shots!

Boy, how she's grown and changed this month.

She crawls (still commando, but I have a feeling we're going to move on to standing and walking before we get the crawling up on her hands and knees).

She officially sat up, and now is pulling herself up, any way she can.

I've had a few laughs as some of you have asked me "do you really want her doing that yet?" when you've seen pictures of her hanging onto fingers and trying to walk around the room.

The fact is, this isn't my choice. Believe me, when she first commando crawled, I wanted to put my foot in the middle of her back and pin her to the floor.

This mommy isn't ready for a mobile girl, but when are we ready for our kids to take that next step?

No, Miss Nora grabs my fingers whenever I'm near her, and pulls herself up on her very own.

And she's not very happy if she doesn't get to do that every minute of every day. Right now she's in the kitchen, complaining loudly, because I'm not in there holding her up.

So yesterday I went to Toys R Us and found this rather obnoxious toy. This thing snaps together and apart so she can sit and play with it, and eventually walk with it, with brakes so she doesn't go too fast...but I can say this...the voice that counts and sings songs on this thing is already getting on my nerves!

Thank God there's the low volume and off switch.

And the bath!

This month she outgrew her infant tub, and since she's able to sit up, it was time to switch to the big girl's bathtub, and with it came some new bath toys to munch on!

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