Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Had One Of Those Days Yesterday

I've realized lately that I must be losing my mind.

Yes, that one.

Seriously, there is a little wee bit of me that wonders where my brain went. Sometimes I listen better than others, sometimes Brian catches me with my lips moving and wonders where the heck his wife just went.

And as it turns out, I'm playing or re-playing a conversation I've either had, or want to have with someone.

Like my racist neighbor.

You know how it is when you think of all the really intelligent things to say long after the fact?

The truth is, I thought about that woman a lot for a few hours, then for some reason I all but put her out of my head.

I still stick my head out to check and make sure my Obama yard sign is where it is, but she hasn't touched it, and I've decided to reek with kindness every time I see her.

That should freak her out PUHLENTY.

I sat outside with Nora the other day while she drove by and I waved at her with Nora's hand. The Racist Neighbor couldn't bring herself to admit she'd seen me.


In the midst of all my mind-wandering, I walked around yesterday, putting in a couple of applications for work, unable to pinpoint what day it was (well, I knew it was June 6, I'm not NUTS). But my problem was in the fact that I couldn't remember why it was IMPORTANT.

Was it someone's birthday who I knew? Nope. Was it an anniversary of one of my losses? (No, but it's pretty normal to have a few of those crop out of the blue when you've gone through what we have). Was it WHAT WAS IT???

Then I heard a radio show say that today (June 6) was "D-Day" and then it hit me.

June 6 is also the day my divorce became final.

Ah, my D-Day. It's been 12 years. Everyone who can move on, has.

But it was sorta weird, sorta cool, sorta odd, how I had forgotten that date, when in 1996 it meant my freedom from a relationship gone bad.

Once I realized it, I was able to go on with my day as if it didn't matter a bit.

But isn't it weird how that can nag you till you figure it out?

I thought so.

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Mindi said...

Adorable!!!! She's just so cute! And of course my bro is handsome as ever! Great looking grill, can't wait to have some food, when & if we come home


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