Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another Walk On The Wild Side

Hi people. This is Nora typing. Well, I'm slamming on the keyboard and Mommy's interpreting what I mean. I'm just a baby, you know.

I got Mommy and Daddy to take me to the zoo today. Mommy woke up with me at 7 a.m. and let Daddy sleep in (since he does that for her a lot), and we had breakfast, and got our picnic lunch and my stuff ready to go to the zoo before Daddy even woke up.

Daddy loves to go to the zoo. He thanks Mommy every time we go there, because he says it's his favorite place to spend time with his family.
Mommy made me wear my silly hat again today. She says the sun is stronger than my baby skin and even though I see LOTS of bigger kids without hats, I have to wear one.

I don't mind so much. I'm 8 1/2 months old. I'm told I don't need a tan, and I believe her.

She's a Mommy so she seems to know what she's doing at least most of the time.

We went to see my favorite part of the zoo pretty early. I love the sea lions. I'm really little, and they're really big, and daddy holds me tight and we look for them in the water.

Then they get up REALLY close, and they look right at me with those big sea lion eyes.

I found out this one's name is Gus. He's the big one. The littler one is name Julius. But Gus likes me best because he came around and around just like this so I could see him over and over again.

After a picnic lunch (where Mommy let me try some of her bread!), we went on a train ride for the first time ever! It was SUPER loud, and the train went down into this canyon into Washington Park, and people waved at us and we waved back.

Actually Mommy waved for me. I didn't wave, since I'm a baby and don't know how, but I did grin at a lot of people on the train, and they said I was cute.

This one lady looked like she was Oma or Bestema. I really made her smile a lot.

But eventually, I was tired. It was my nap time after all. For some reason we couldn't bring my crib to the zoo, so I just fell asleep on Mommy's lap. Even with the train noises and the screeching from the tracks, it didn't matter.

It was nap time!

But then we went to sit in the park. We watched the bird show again, where they bring out the eagles, and owls, and a vulture, and they fly over our heads. It's important to sit down during the show, but afterwards Mommy walked me around the park.

I'm working VERY hard on walking. I just LOVE it. Mommy says it's too soon, but I say "There's no time like the present!"

By the end of the day, Mommy and Daddy got "Elephant Ears" for dessert but they wouldn't let me have any.

Something about me not having sugar until later. Whatever. I did get to play in the grass and crawl around in it.

I even got my very first grass stains on my Georgia Tech shirt from my cousin Trevor.

Then it was time to go home!

What a great day.

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2curlygirlz said...

Thanks for your help jules! I still need help with setting up pics, if you would take a look & you'll know what I mean.

Nora, I'm so glad you had another great day at the zoo. It definitely looks like the sea lions love you, then of course, who wouldn't!


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