Friday, June 20, 2008

The Girl Obsessed

I'm warning you now: This video is disturbing. If you thought Nora was going to wait to stand and/or walk until LATER.

She's a bit obsessed with being ON HER FEET RIGHT NOW MOMMY AND DADDY.

So here's a couple of videos of her today. She has NO clue that she has NO balance, so it's comical...and scary...and comical...


2curlygirlz said...

I love those faceplants! Good thing you were so close!

Schane' says the best thing about Nora is her smiles. You should see the smile that she gets when Nora smiles, it's almost as big.

I didn't notice a Disney movie in the background on the t.v., what the heck were you watching?

momaof4 said...

TO cute!!
My oldest walked at the end of 9 she might just take off on you :)

I love how trusting she is, so cute.


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