Friday, June 06, 2008

Like The Look?

You can thank my friend Gini for such a fabulous job of converting Miss Nora's masthead photo into something WAY more interesting too look at.

She sent me the picture after toying with it, and I threw it up on my blog as soon as I saw it. With a little toying with the fonts last night, a color change, and voila'! New web look!

I need to learn more about PhotoShop. I have used Microsoft's PictureIt! program for a long time, and I even bought an old copy that I liked when my new computer only had a rookie version. But I know I could do so much more!

Dreaming of that new computer. It will happen someday.

In other news, I've applied for a few editing type jobs, and one with my friend Teri's company in Utah. No move would be required, perhaps some travel, but it'd be helping with testing their software from home, and it's something I've always enjoyed.

Yes, I'm a geek.

Anytime a newspaper I've worked for implemented software, I was one of those people who embraced the technology and begged to be the first to have it installed on my computer. I think a job like that would be just the perfect thing to embrace my inner geekness.

Off to the races.


live_wire232 said...

Love the picture! I was admiring it last night, actually. Adorable!

Sounds like a fun job! Let me know when you travel so I can come crash your party! ;)

momaof4 said...

The new look makes me smile! :)

YA said...

Great new banner for your blog... to cute. Great job Gini.


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