Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Time Swimming Day!

It was time for Nora's very first trip to swim today!

We went to a local park that's supposed to have a little kiddie pool, but it isn't open yet (July 1, apparently, although it was 90 today and would have been REAL NICE of the city to turn on the water a couple of days early!)

But we've moved on...

We came home from that plan gone bad and decided to look up the local pool "Open Swim" time and there it was, 1:20 p.m., and open swim started at 1:30.

We were off!

Nora had SO much fun. We all got in the water, and we met other families with little ones in the pool too.

Here's a short slideshow of all the fun.

And a special THANKS to Aunt Jill for the swimsuit, hat and matching flip-flops. This was a Baptism present that Jill gave her in March, and it just struck me today how FUNNY that was since it's a SWIM SUIT.

We're not the "full dunk" kinda Baptists in the Lutheran church, but she was the cutie of the pool, that's for sure!!


G M said...

Ya didn't dunk her?! LOL, they do forget that first time or two you know!

Love the hat!

YA said...

My boys love the water now that they are use to That is the cutest little swim suit.


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