Saturday, June 07, 2008

Daddy And His Little Grill

Isn't this a great shot of Nora and her Daddy?

While Father's Day isn't until this coming Sunday the 15th, Mom and I went to Lowe's this week to look for a grill for Brian (we left the old one in Denver with friends since we didn't want to transport/store it).

And we found a really nice one, and while Mom took care of the grill itself, I bought a few of the "extras" like a nice new set of barbecue utensils and the propane tank.

We would have waited to give him the thing, but we had to do some strange origami with all the various stuff in the car to fit the gigantic box in the back, while not leaving the baby behind.

That, and I told myself "Well, Nora was early. The grill's early."

Our other problem quickly became that while we had help loading the thing, we needed Brian to UNLOAD it because there was NO way Mom and I could pull it off on our own.

Since Nora's just not into heavy lifting just yet.

Mom stayed long enough so that Brian could see the present, then tell him it was his job to unwedge it out of the car and put it in the garage, which he willingly did.

Then this morning it was time for assembly. The second Nora was down for her morning nap, we moved the box to the back porch, and assembling the beast began.

Of course the SECOND the last part was placed on the grill, Nora woke up, and we had to grab a picture.

This one's "Daddy and His Little Grill."

OK, that was CORNY. I admit it.

Brian fired it up this afternoon (we have to make sure it works before we have the family over for Father's Day next Sunday), and he got to cook us a quick bratwurst and a couple of burgers for a late lunch today.


It's nice to have a grill again. It puts the summer in summertime.

You don't realize it until you miss it!

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